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GWI U.S.A., established in 2012, is a non-profit worldwide mission organization running specialized programs to train and empower individuals to preach the gospel to non-evangelized areas and also re-teach the gospel that has been distorted.


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The Works of GWI U.S.A.

 1. Developing Bible-related textbooks that are published in the countries language.
2. Recruiting native ministry workers and developing intensive training courses
3. Developing a Children & Youth Ministry for children and youth living in slum villages
4. Providing training courses for missionaries and ministry workers
5. Leading Short-term missions PRO-Team programs and spreading the gospel in slum villages
6. Conducting mission consultations and holding seminars/giving presentations
7. Managing scholarship programs granted for Myanmar seminary students and disadvantaged students

*Gospel Wings International: a Christian, non-profit mission organization 
*Location: United States, Southern California, Orange County

*Mission Country:  Global / International


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